02 December, 2012

As I didn't really take many pictures this summer or fall, I thought I'd put this one in, it was one of the few I did get,while the pond looked better.. it is full of leaves now,and I have to get out and clean it pronto.But, using my cane has made simple chores like that a real pain.
Waiting for the Doctors to set a date on replacing my hip, they have been doing other tests,and now it is necrotic. Way to go Docs. A couple of shots in my eye and other things later, I am hoping this will be fixed soon.REAL SOON.
But enough of that, I am going to attempt putting the tree up today, and even if it is in the 70s now, I made a beef stew, been wanting one for a while,I love veggies in all forms,but I love me a beef stew. I used all the regulars,and added some rutabagas too, I am trying it, I have a friend that is having knee surgery soon,and I want to make her and hubby some dishes, he isn't in good health either, so they will be looking for easy,and I can do that. My scones were well liked, so I figure I can make some things,and have a bit for my self.
I have cut back at work a lot, only doing six dogs a day now, between my hip and my back, I am just whipped after that,and doing the towels for the shop,we use a lot of towels ,I do about 7 or 8 loads a day,so that does it for me. It took me a whole day to get the plants settled in the greenhouse for the winter, that was exhausting to put it mildly...
The temps have been so warm, a night or two in the 30s, that it doesn't seem like it is so close to Christmas.
Friends in Alaska are telling me they are having 50 below and colder now, I do miss the snow,maybe not that cold.. :)
My daughter will be down in January,hopefully I will be home from surgery by then,and we can play Scrabble,and cook and enjoy the time together.
I watched a series on Netflix called Doc Martin,and I am addicted! I got  5 seasons on there,and I hear they will be making another soon,it is one of the best British series I have seen, funny as hell to me anyway.


Amber Star said...

Your pond looks so serene. Were there many dragonflies this year? it was such a screwy year weatherwise.

Do I know the person getting new knees? I wouldn't have sent that video if I'd thought much. :)

Take care and let me know if anything happens or you get new news.

Amber Star said...

That dang sucky word verification thing is hateful! I despise it. It took like four times before it accepted my version. Bah!