26 July, 2009

Spring was so nice.... then came summer.

My baby birds living in the bluebird house.At least someone is using it..
Was watching the yard,and enjoying the morning,many moons ago before the heat wave,and found some of the houses I have were being used. I love being out there, the birds,lizards, dragonflies make it my own piece of heaven,till summer hits,then I like the nights.
That's when I miss Alaska,and it's beautiful summers,and mild temps.Plus ,with the long days,you can grow humongous flowers and veggies. Winters, I like it here,it is warm enough most of it to still be outside,except for a few for real winter days,then you still enjoy it,cuz you know it's only lasting a day,and the dogs and I run and play in the snow,for the hour or two it lasts....but we have fun!