28 July, 2010

UPS needs help!

In this day and age of fast service, we expect it to be fast ,and good.But I can tell you for a fact,it ain't always so... case in point,UPS. I have now ordered 2 grooming tables,and today the 2nd one arrived,the 1st one being dented to the point it wasn't an option for me to keep.2 UPS uys came in,and I made the remark,or joke,that it didn't have a big gash in the box,and that was a good sign.... they left,and I was left to eat my words.Opened it up,and this one had a dent and another dent where they had hit it so hard with something,the knob on the arm mashed the table leg!
WE are not talking about a flimsy aluminum leg,tis is a heavy duty BIG 48" table,and supports up to a 250 lb dog... and for that matter,the reason I am TRYING to get a new table,my old 15+ yr. old table has become too wobbly for big dogs. Now seriously, is it that hard not to run over,and destroy 1 measly table??? My poor ole table has been thrown in the back of my jeep,and hauled to Alaska and back,and never has sustained that kind of damage,I would love to see what they do to their goods to look like that in delivery.... and of course you can't buy that particular table anymore.
I have emailed UPS,and we shall see what that does. Wish me luck.

18 July, 2010

A sweet little video...

I found this and want to share,it is something I believe too.My dogs and cats teach me in ways only pet people will understand... and I love them for it.

11 July, 2010

Monsoon season over?

Well ,the rain is over for a while,and I'm getting a few tomatoes,patios and cherry types.I'll deal with the steamy heat,it could be worse,but I'd really appreciate some 80 degree weather the rest of the summer,oh wait,I'm in Texas. Carolyn,Dan,Debi and others in Alaska is having it for me...I miss you all and the weather! Since the dragonflies are back, I can go out in peace and not be ate up by the mosquitoes,so it's all good. And the baby toads are everywhere,I call em little peepers,the sound they make,so cute. Replacing an impeller in the pond pump,hoping it is going to do the trick,or I have to buy a new pump.Which BTW, I found in doing some research,I was way over charged when I bought it here in town at a well known organic shop... no names,but I won't make that mistake again,love the place, but their prices are over the top on some things,pond supplies mainly from I have learned from research online.
Work is picking up again,after the bad winter and the economy,so that means I can start back painting and fixing on the house. And buy a new grooming table for work,my poor old one is just wobbly ,and makes the big dogs look at me like I put a motor on it for some crazy reason,and they like it better when it was not moving,thank you very much.
Picture is of one of the dragonflies I have at my pond,they love, love, love mosquitoes,and I love them for it!

28 June, 2010

Well, the smoking thing is back, I only smoke outside now,I figure if I have to go outside, it cuts down,and I have to think,do I really want one?? And the house smells better too,I'm starting to paint the inside again, doing some of the work I have put off for years,since I am saving money now,due to only a couple of packs a week,it helps.
I want to get it all painted before I leave this earth,some rooms haven't been painted since the 70's or 80's ,so there is a real need here.... lead paint and all.and the fact that the house has been smoked in probably since 1925,when it was built, it will always have that smell,but painting does help.
The animals are driving me crazy with the allergies, they scratch all the time,and I am bathing them every week,nada. Have to wait till the allergens cease and desist I suppose... oh well.It's the price you pay for having your own zoo,putting biospot on Sissy was real fun too, I have to sneak up on her with it open,and nab her,she is so skittish,now,she is pouting and won't come near me for a few days, till she realizes it was only a one time thing...for now.Fleas are a big problem, between the feral cats,raccoons,possums,and squirrels that hang out her,it remains a constant battle, I was hoping the severe cold we had last winter might have helped,but no dice there,so I had to resort to putting out sevin granules in the back yard yesterday,you water it in,and it is supposed to kill them..and other things.The reason I don't want to is the magnificent dragonflies I have around my pond, they are so beautiful,blues ones and huge orange/red ones...doing the dance,and then dipping their tails in the water to lay eggs. I watched for a long while yesterday morning,they are so fun to watch.
I have to say ,if you have a spot for a water feature, it is well worth the time and trouble to put one in, and watch the creatures that come by for a visit.

25 April, 2010

Waiting for the upside...

Now that I am a nonsmoker ,as they call themselves, I am finding it wasn't as hard as it was when I tried in the past. Maybe my body was telling me something,or maybe I was just fed up with the mess,the cost and the smell of it all.... the house is smelling better,at least now I can smell more, but not as good as others I know, one young woman I know,who used to smoke,can smell something she doesn't like a mile away... it can be irritating at time for her,and us too ,if we have to listen to her.LOL
I am still waiting for the good effects to kick in , I don't feel any better,maybe a bit worse, maybe that's the withdrawal, ok, but when I do get to feel good about it?? Is there a time line for that? I've looked it up,and I found all kinds of suggestions on when your BP goes to normal, when your circulation gets better,and so on. I want some some positive feedback on when your body tells you it feels better! I take vitamins,and drinking more water,less coffee,and gave up carbonated drinks of any kind, I have one once in a blue moon now. Soooo, I'm asking WHEN? I want to feel better,I find I am sleeping better sometimes,I can actually sleep past 4am. Usually when I have had a sleeping pill because I hurt so bad from my back and joints... so that is probably why that is.
Other than that,I have discovered I can not so the work I did when I was in my 20's or even 30's... a good days work back then ,and I could still come home and work at the house or yard,now,it's all I can do to get home,shower the dog hair off,and get in bed... or do a few little must do things first. Now I ask, where are the golden years???? I do have the utmost respect for older than I am people,and realize why they are the way they are... I've joined that club.
I told one of the 20 something girls at work, I will add the old people curse to her, like the parent curse, you know, the one were they hope you have kids just like you ,this old people curse is meaner, it means you will go through what you laugh at in older people, just so you can see what is going on in their bodies. But when you do ,it is too late anyway... they aren't around to apologize to,and you have the guilt. I didn't put the curse on her,just explained it to her,and she saw what I meant. And she stopped what she was saying.For the time being,actually,I don't don't mind being teased about forgetting things ,or not doing something right,because I know they will be there someday,and I guess the curse should be that you remember all the older people you were mean too,that is better. So be it, that is the old people curse, you don't lose your memory till you remember all those times.... works for me.

I add this picture, because in my mind I can imagine how good it must be to curl up on a blanket in a sunny window and nap.... can you imagine that? The only jealousy I have is for my animals,because they can nap anywhere and enjoy it..... someday maybe I can too. :)

20 April, 2010

Fashion or Torture?

Someone give me an idea of what wearing this would feel like.... because I seriously doubt there is enough money in the world to get me to wear them. Really? People wear this stuff? I have to say it does bring back memories of the wilder side I had when I was young, but that included hot pants and Go go boots... if you remember that era.
Women have been stuffing their selves into the worst crap ever since a man said," Baby,you'd look hot in that."And what do we get for our troubles? Back aches,bunions,broken bones in some cases, and a feeling of false self worth.
If you have to wear this stuff to feel good about yourself, you really need to reevaluate your principles, your tastes,and your man.
I'm just sorry women are such slaves to men's idea of fashion, you know a man won't wear it ,but by God we will for them.
On the other hand ,we need to design something equally painful for men,let me know your ideas, and let's get it on the drawing board!

31 March, 2010

My work is done here...

In case some of you didn't know, this is what I do for a living,and love doing it.
This is Annie,before and after,she hadn't been groomed in months,and so she had to be cut short,but I was able to save her ears and topknot... Annie is one of my favorite makeovers, she is such a willing client. A little sweetheart she is,and her Mom is too.

These are some of my favorites ones to groom, the worst come in,and leave looking and feeling so much better.I fell that it is a win win situation, the clients are happy,the dogs are happy to be clean,and I am happy to know I have done a good job...and got paid too. Not all of them come in looking like Annie, some are regular,coming every few weeks or sooner.
Sometimes, in fact, most of the time I talk to the dogs or cats while I am grooming them, I think it takes their mind off what I am doing, maybe trying to figure out what I am saying,it just seems to calm them most of the time. And then there are times, I tell them, don't bite me, go home and bite your parents, they are paying me to do this! Some will never get used to it,and it is just traumatic for them,and then I just try to hurry the process as much as I can without further scaring them... those that get dragged out of the backyard once or twice a year, and don't come willing.
I have shaved a cat that was 6 years old,and never been groomed,and never flinched, and tried to shave a cat that was never going to go for it,and ended up bouncing off the walls.... Those days, we feel lucky if we leave with all our fingers intact,and no bites... good times!
When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a Vet, and then I found out you have to euthanize some animals, and that was the end of that for me. So,I find this is the next best thing, you are helping them by cleaning them up,and being kind to them,so they have a pleasant experience,it's all about the talking to them.... I think. I talk to my furbabies too,more like kids than I should admit,but it works for us.

30 March, 2010

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I am tagging Eli !

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28 March, 2010

Week ONE!

This has been a busy week, but other than wishing to God that the cravings would go away, it has been fine as far as not smoking. I am so glad to have finally realized I can't go on ,it's the money,the smell,the social outcast thing...and I live with animals,and I wouldn't inject them with heroin,why am I blowing smoke on them???
That thought is from a book I bought,and it makes so much sense,Allan Carr came up with the idea years ago,and quit smoking years ago.Sadly, he died from lung cancer in 2007,they said it was probably from all the seminars he gave, you can still smoke while you are in the seminar or reading the book, which I did have a couple of puffs off one while reading the beginning of the book,but thought,oh HELL, I am trying to quit,why I am doing this??? I had already not smoked for several days,so I am not smoking while reading it,you can,it says you can, if you do desire... I don't.
It is The EASYWAY to quit smoking,and I think it is good.For me at least,confirms my reasons to quit,and I only hope if you are trying to quit, you try it.You can buy it off the website, I found it on Amazon.co for 8.99 which included S&H...
Work has picked up,and I can open bills without cringing again! woohoo. It was a long hard winter,but one of introspection... a good thing.Maybe what lead me to quit smoking,and eat better too,no more eating out at a drop of the hat... bad juju for the butt I tell ya.
As the days are longer,and warmer,I have had a chance to get out in the yard more, my favorite place in the world,the only thing that would make it perfect is if my daughter Elisabeth were here with me... soon I hope.Soon we shall be dining and having coffee in the backyard by the waterlilies... and watching the dragonflies,which I love,and have plenty of ,thanks to the little water ponds I have.And their main staple is mosquitoes,how cool is that?

But the squirrels are back with a vengeance!OMG!! I put out fox urine in the plant room attic again, if you have had squirrels ,you know how bad they are,and fox urine you buy,no I didn't squeeze a fox for the love of God,but I do despise them that much.It comes in a bottle,you put some on a cotton ball or whatever,I use cotton balls,and fling them to the corners of the attic.I learned that trick in Alaska,it works,and the looks on the guys face when I go in and ask for it is pretty good too,I guess I don't look like the type of woman that would either know it existed or what to do with it.. hehe,I am a woman of many facets,and some are damn handy too.

14 March, 2010

Life and times...

Well, the snow is gone,the felled tree branches cut up and hauled off,and work is picking up. That said,I am grateful to have made it through this winter,it was a hard one for me,one of the few times I wished there was somebody to talk to at night,or in the mornings.... if you have someone ,take care to treat them kindly,and tell them you love them,you never know when the chance will be taken away from you.
I just watched Grey Gardens, and i have to say I am telling my daughter to never let us end up like that... how sad it was,the movie was good,but the story was so sad...
Jessica Lange,and Drew Barrymore did a great job,I wondered how they made them look so old.
As I am only 55 at this time, I can still see how people get to that stage,recently,my daughter went through a rough time,and I offered her home here,but I have to say,I am so glad she is sticking it out where she is.Not because I didn't want her home, I just want her to make her own place in the world,and be happy with herself,and moving home wouldn't have done that.I know there are times it has to be,but then there are times it's more of a learning life's lessons not to,and this was one of them. Eli is a smart ,wonderful young woman,and I know she will get it right in the end. I say prayers for her,and hope it comes to pass,the time will come soon enough for her to worry about me,and I want her to have a life before that day comes...
I hope all of you that read this will beat your demons too,and I have one left,damn cigarettes!

16 February, 2010

Snow and beauty abounds..

Well, we did get the snow,and after all the beauty and gentle quietness dissipated,it was not so much. Did get to play with the dogs,Buddy loves it,kept losing his sticks in the 10+inches in the yard,so he went and got his own stick,about 3 ft.That's my boy....
Lost a big limb out front,thank God it didn't fall on the house,or the driveway I use.My awesome neighbor,Tony is going to cut it up,he uses the firewood,so it's helps us both,such a nice family,it is nice to have neighbors like I do,a fireman across the street,and his wonderful wife Dana, helped me push the jeep back into the driveway after I got out to go to the store,Buddy and I traveled less than a mile,and when we got back, I couldn't get it up the semi-steep drive... she saw me back and forthing it and came to help. I know forthing isn't a word,but when you are in that situation,it is.
I read another book,worked on mosaics,and generally liked being in the white world for a while,but the thought kept crossing my mind about the homeless... I wished I could just bring them all in to my house and make them soup. I put out food for the birds,so my daughter wouldn't have an aneurysm over me bringing homeless people home with me. ANd I never heard a thing about them on the news,just the usual digging out and all the wrecks. How sad.
I hope you all that read this had a warm and safe time with it,and got to enjoy the beauty of it.

10 January, 2010

Warming up!

It's finally almost over,the cold spell lasted for about 80 hours they say, it seemed like 80 days to me...
It wasn't so bad, and my kitchen pipes thawed out with out bursting, so it's all good. And hopefully,I know I repeat myself, the bug problem will be better next summer,the fleas were so bad here,and anyone with dogs knows that it is a pain to get them... and hard to get rid of if you have critters such as squirrel, raccoons,possums, feral cats and the like visiting your yard.
I can't wait for spring, plants popping back up,the birds coming more,and getting out and enjoying the backyard again.Maybe this year I'll get the greenhouse built,hoping my daughter gets to come and help on it. it' would be great to work on it with her,and I know the two of us can do it. We have done some amazing things,and she is a can do young lady, like my Mom was,like I hope I am...
I went to a friends house last night,and 3 of us played Mille Bornes,the french card game, I have played it since I was a kid, my parents taught us, it was the best.If you can find Mille Bornes,and it is still sold,try it,and kids love it.You take a trip,and collect 1000 miles,but the trick is to keep other players from scoring miles by throwing different driving hazard cards on them, and they have to fix them to continue with their miles... simple but so fun.
And Scrabble is still a big one with us,GrandMama,Mama Allison,Beth and I all played. I guess reading alot helped us too,that is big in our family.I have been reading a series of James Patterson's books, The Women's Murder Club.Pretty good,and he is still coming out with new ones....up to # 8 now. It isn't Tolstoy,but they are good for curling up when it's cold and you tire of the mindless crap on tv. One can only listen about Tiger so many times without wanting to throw the thing out the window... I'm just saying.
Well,it's Sunday ,and I should be doing something for the good of the household,like clean litterboxes,and laundry,hoping to be busy at work this coming week, and I hope your week goes well for you,in whatever you want it to.....

05 January, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside....

As Amber Star says, we are in for a deep freeze,and I for one don't mind so much,but I got rid of my heavy winter gear when I moved back to Texas,bad plan as I see it now.I kept my old gloves I got almost 15 years ago at Chena Hot Springs,they have Alaska all over them,and I have sewn the fingers back together several times, I do have some other ones,the thinsulate ones are some of the best as far as I am concerned,but I love my old ones. If this keeps up, I may have to find me a heavy coat,I prefer to layer,love turtlenecks and thermals,so I can survive if need be. Oh heck,it is Texas, this won't last long,we'll be back to 100+ soon. And I do have my big wool socks.:)
And the up side of this cold spell,fleas might not be at epic proportions next summer,I can only hope.... with 3 big dogs and 3 cats,it can be a real problem,once they hit the dogs,the cats,which never go out, somehow manage to catch a few too.And Sissy is one of those cats which freak out if you try to apply Frontline,and yaks anything you try to put down her,like capstar.
She is paying me back for not letting them in the plantroom much by pooping in my bathtub in the front bathroom,I had to bring in my plants,and Baxter thinks I whipped him up some salads,so I have been keeping them in,till I figured out a way to keep him and Sissy out of the plants,they hate not being out there,it's all windows, and ledges,so they have great views,and it is my favorite room too,not heated,so I have the oil filled heaters out there,had the old gas dearborns,but decided those were too dangerous....Pye doesn't care,she is older and just wants warmth these days,mostly on the bed curled up in my blankets.
Oh yeah, this last week, I found out not only my wonderful mailman retired,but my insurance lady did too! Joe was the best mailman a person who shops online could ask for,he always put my packages in the carport by the door,and some of them were big and heavy,like the 2 antique oriental rugs I bought,and some of the many boxes of mosaic tiles... gonna miss you Joe,hope you have a great retirement!
The insurance lady was good too,except for the time I took the jeep in to show them the hail damage to the hood,and they just said, to wait till the season was over,thought that was a very cavalier attitude but then I suppose it made sense... still have the minor dings 3 years later,so actually I found I can live with them. I found out when they sent me a letter,and told me I was transfered to another insurance man here.... got a welcome kit from him,atlas,car paper work holder,trashbag,and a stinky car fragrance... man, it does smell,kinda like a vanilla,and I don't care for it.It's the thought,right?
So, that's my new year so far,changes are good,and I hope your year is going great..... and your changes are for the better.