03 February, 2012

I have been in touch with someone named Greg at TXU lately, over my last 3 bills , those being the winter months.Or what we have had for a winter, more a joke, but my bills have been no joke... as high or higher than the last years that were record setting. WTH???
Now I write and ask them about this,and all he does is send me the stats on the last two years and this years rates and price. Mister, I have those, why do you think I am writing you???? And THEN, when I point out the obvious, he agrees,doesn't say he will check into it, just agrees. "Yes, it has been warmer this winter." Well,thank you Captain Obvious. I will pay it, we have to have it ,but I am taking a poll at work stating today, I will ask our clients as they drop their dogs off, which electric co. do you have? Simple as that, and see what they say... One lady yesterday went on and on about Gexa Energy, she is happy with them...
I have to have electricity, I am in Texas, and people would look funny at me if I tried living off the grid here.And I would get a look like this if it got too cold. Could you take that?And the cats would be pissed, especially Pyewacket, she is 17,and not happy as a rule these days anyway.