18 November, 2006

Squirrels are taking over the world!

I think that the squirrels are taking over the world. No, it's true! You should see my backyard sometimes, it's full of them, they are foraging for food, rounding up winter treats, and generally wreaking havoc on my yard, and as a plus for them, messing with the dogs' heads.
I love watching their antics, they play,they run, they just tore up the birdfeeder! As I have said, I put out two different feeders just for them, and you think they would use them? No way. So, I have resorted to squirrel free feeders, only to find that while they may be squirrel proof, they are defintely not racoon proof.The little beggars are competing for food now. And my fish population in the pond is dwindling fast.... I started out with a dozen goldfish( I figured some would come to this end) now, I'm down to 4.I guess those are the real swimmers.

12 November, 2006

Possums and snakes and squirrels,oh my...

Something , for the last two nights, has stolen the woodpecker feeder and food I had put out. I come out, and it is on the ground,having had the chain chewed off and the large block of suet and seed GONE. Now this is not the little suet cake, it is the big hummer,that should last a few days. I suspect the squirrels again. Not that they don't have food in their food holders,a feeder full of seeds and nuts, and a corncob type thing. The little beggars are beginning to tick me off.Ungrateful devils! Demented furballs! So I fix the feeder ,and put more in.
Is this part of my controlling nature? Probably so.
It could be raccoons,but sadly, I found one out by the pond 3 days ago.I called animal control ,they'll let me know if it is rabies.Made me nervous, I have found a couple of birds, frogs and one squirrel out there in the last two years, but I figured it was the cats that people let run the neighbor hood that had gotten to them. I don't see the cat winning the fight with a raccoon.
I think I may get my webcam on it ,maybe I can find out what is doing this.Maybe I don't want to know, this is the house that had a four foot ratsnake in the window the first week I moved in. I am trying to set up a wildlife habitat,but really.....