19 July, 2008

And they say life is like a box of chocolates....

I found how I want to be buried.Well, really I want to be cremated,but I'm not sure Beth will go for that.So,having a plan B works for me...


I want to be a BIG box of chocolates!
Can you imagine,now what kind of music goes with that?
I guess my thoughts of Carol Kings "Way over yonder" will work out ok.
And ,actually,they are non toxic cardboard,so I can be cremated in it.
Burn,baby,burn comes to mind here.
You have so many options on the way to go now, you can even feed the fishies.Well,you really are made into a home for them.But if you aren't against water,fish or sharks,this could be it.


I though the picture of the reef was more relaxing than the coffins.That's just me.Must be the heat here,making me think of these options.

"Cremation is growing in popularity as funeral and burial costs escalate and we see, almost daily, old cemeteries being moved to make way for new roads, shopping centers, etc. A case in point occurred in St. Louis last year, when the bodies of several hundred nuns were exhumed from an old church cemetery to make way for more pavement."
Found in an article on cremation.... how sad is that??
No longer will you be laid to rest,you're laid to wait for the new road.

15 July, 2008

Plant swappin

I have found a new site that I really enjoy, it's http://www.plantswap.net/

I am a DavesGarden addict too. And of course,there's P.Allen Smith,which has the most amazing gardens.....

After all, I am trying to learn how to keep plants alive,and make them happy,it ain't easy in Texas,at least not for me. Look up hubris,you'll get my drift....

I love growing things,vines are my new black this year,I have have started:

clematis,about 10 different ones,Silver Star Vinery is great for these!morning glories,white,blue and purple.
hyacinth bean vine,it was my mothers favorite.....
canary vine
chocolate vine,blooms are supposed to smell like chocolate,low fat!
so far,they are doing well.

I have more vine seeds to plant,
butterfly pea,blue
corkscrew vine
fairy vine
strangler or latex vine..despite the names,it is a pretty vine
white cypress vine

I'm going for a secret garden kinda thing,my daughter and I loved that movie,still watch it when I catch it on the tube. There was a lady that lived next to us when I was a kid,she had a yard like that,still remember her and her garden and the beautiful overgrown everything.
Gardening is in my blood,my grandmother and mother both had green thumbs,I'm working on mine,it is a bit light on the green.

My other passion is water plants,lilies,both miniature and regular size,mosiac plant,pickerels,and I learned you can put hostas in water! This is cool,and it is working for me too. It's the gardening I can do without worrying about plants dying from me forgetting them.
So if you have seeds to trade, info to share,or just like reading about plants,check out these sites, it is addictive,but what a great one to have.....