21 September, 2011

Fall is coming!

We made it through the summer,well, some of my plants did, and I suppose I can say at least I don't have to worry about the greenhouse being overcrowded this winter.And it saved on my water bill....... I don't care,I wanted those damn things to grow.
Now fall is on it way,and the days are getting cooler,my bff from Alaska was here for 2 days,she was down working the Bastrop fires,and got to come over before she went back. I hadn't seen her since I left Alaska, and missed her face ,it was great,went to get pedis,went to the Stockyards,and ate a lot.We had a blast ,as we always do,we worked together at the VFW in Fairbanks, we just needed our other friend to make it complete..... good times. God, I miss Alaska, and hope to get to go back when and if I ever retire. The people there are the best,and I love the land.You haven't lived till you have sat up in the mountains,and watched the world,makes you realize there is something better and bigger up there...I mean God for all you that don't get it. Or Allah,or Buddha or whatever you call him.I think we all have to have something to believe in,something or someone to talk to... I do.
Then there are times, I do believe God should blow the world up ,the way we treat it.And each other.I wouldn't blame him if he did. I'm just sayin.

17 May, 2011

I can't believe that the weather is staying so cool here lately, I am actually using a light quilt on the bed, so you know that means I am cold at night. It's nice ,compared to the 100 degrees we will soon enough have, so I am not complaining, just awestruck. It is making the tomatoes slower to grow,I have them in the hanging things,and for the first year they are working. Green beans are growing too,as with my little strawberries, my favorite fruit. I want to grow watermelons,but no clue on them,yet.
This is my favorite time of year, things growing ,not too hot,and I just feel happy to be here.
Now if I could win the lotto, it would be nice.

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I'd be darling at it.
Dorothy Parker

01 May, 2011

It is finally raining! And of course Sallie had to tear a screen out,and then Baxter had to leave through it,but he came back yowling because he evidently doesn't like wet paws,so haha to him I say. The bugger spent one night out,and I spent it going back and forth from the bed to the back door calling him all. night. long.
So, I don't have to lose sleep this time, nor do I have to water anything.. woohoo. Allergies maybe better too, because they have been so bad,I now have a lung infection from the sinus infection.. Doc gave me a shot and antibiotics... I am feeling a bit better now.If I could quit the coughing,I'd be happier.
On to another topic, I am going to go to Seattle in June! Only for 3 days to see my daughter,but I am so excited since it's been almost 3 years since we have seen each other.... much too long for a hug. And since I am only going for 2 nights, I can take a carry on,and not pay the extortion the airlines are calling for on the first suitcase.I will travel so damn light,it will be amazing. I refuse to pay the charges they say is necessary ,it is bullshabonga I tell ya.
She has already promised me a ferry ride, that is my favorite thing to do there, I love Seattle,and wish I could relocate there,but with the house,and all the animals,I'd have to win the lotto to do so... so it is a trip for now. Plus I need to get away for a couple of days, I am getting the traveling urge.

22 February, 2011

It's finally getting close to spring, and at the shop we have been crazy busy.... people walking in and asking if we can do their dog,and getting mad when we say we are booked up, and we can do it tomorrow or another day... we work 10 to 12 hours a day,and try to get them all done as we can,but sometimes it is enough to make you want to tell them, your lack of planning doesn't constitute an emergency on my part, or however that saying goes..... in other words, Lady your dog hasn't seen a groomer in at least 6 months, WHY is this an emergency today?????
Or, the best ones, drop them off in the morning,and we give them a time to pick them up,all day they are calling,is my dog ready yet? WHY did you ask for a certain time,if you were only going to bug us till that time??? Or, our favorite one, pick the dog up 30 minutes to an hour AFTER we are closed,having asked when you dropped them off, what time we close.... gah.
But now that good paychecks are here again,it is still good to be busy.

I did tell a friend that while being this busy is tiring me out, at least I can pay cash for my funeral,when I drop from the stress.....

29 January, 2011

I saw this on a blog and thought, what a great idea.LOL
Sometimes the most basic thoughts are the best.....and by the way,I can use the hint myself... a few,(15) lbs over the holidays have kept me out of my favorite jeans, so it's back to salads and Subway... I love Subway sandwiches, they are the best fast food ever. And healthy as far as fast food goes,so I don't feel guilty eating there, just spending the money eating out. Work has slowed down some, not to the point of pawning anything yet. So winter is almost gone here,and I have made it another one on my own,with my house. And neither of us have fallen apart. So far.


09 January, 2011

It is finally over!!!

I have to say ,I am glad the holidays are over, if I had seen one more damn commercial about something the kids HAVE to HAVE, or I can NOT live without, I was going carnival freak on the TV.... Really? Do we all have to have a Wii?????? Or the new car,appliance,etc to be right with the world????
I do not have the following items in my house,and I consider myself ok...maybe you don't.

1.Cable....... 70.00 a month to watch HGTV basically wasn't cutting it.
2.Dishwasher.......... I have a kitchen sink and a window above it looking out in the yard , nuff said.
3.Latest updated kitchen and/or bathrooms..... It's a freakin 1925 house,I like it that way. I did put in central heat/ac when I bought it,and redid the original bathroom, or it would be in the crawlspace by now,since it hadn't been worked on since the 40's.And I saved the claw tub. I like it.
4.Garage.... I have a cool carport,circa the 50's. I like it.
5.Finished walls/ceilings in my room and hall.... I'm working on it, the ceiling tiles kill me. 311 of em in the living room alone. I did get the catwalk up. They like it.

What I do have in and around my old quirky house,and I love it all.

1.High ceilings... I love them,the old houses are so cool.
2. Lots of rooms added on in the back.... it is just cool to me.
3.Wood floors... the original ones,needing refinished too. I like em.I would love them refinished.
4.Plenty of windows,27 total..... yeah ,they are the original ones too, those need updating,but I love the old sash windows.
5. Big Old Trees..... nuff said.
6. Corner of kitchen and laundry room outside,my pond that I put in ,myself.

I guess this is my way of counting my blessings,and being thankful for all that I have....
My most important blessing of all, my daughter Elisabeth.
My furbabies are up there too..... what would I do with out them?
Have you counted your blessings lately?