11 July, 2010

Monsoon season over?

Well ,the rain is over for a while,and I'm getting a few tomatoes,patios and cherry types.I'll deal with the steamy heat,it could be worse,but I'd really appreciate some 80 degree weather the rest of the summer,oh wait,I'm in Texas. Carolyn,Dan,Debi and others in Alaska is having it for me...I miss you all and the weather! Since the dragonflies are back, I can go out in peace and not be ate up by the mosquitoes,so it's all good. And the baby toads are everywhere,I call em little peepers,the sound they make,so cute. Replacing an impeller in the pond pump,hoping it is going to do the trick,or I have to buy a new pump.Which BTW, I found in doing some research,I was way over charged when I bought it here in town at a well known organic shop... no names,but I won't make that mistake again,love the place, but their prices are over the top on some things,pond supplies mainly from I have learned from research online.
Work is picking up again,after the bad winter and the economy,so that means I can start back painting and fixing on the house. And buy a new grooming table for work,my poor old one is just wobbly ,and makes the big dogs look at me like I put a motor on it for some crazy reason,and they like it better when it was not moving,thank you very much.
Picture is of one of the dragonflies I have at my pond,they love, love, love mosquitoes,and I love them for it!