22 February, 2011

It's finally getting close to spring, and at the shop we have been crazy busy.... people walking in and asking if we can do their dog,and getting mad when we say we are booked up, and we can do it tomorrow or another day... we work 10 to 12 hours a day,and try to get them all done as we can,but sometimes it is enough to make you want to tell them, your lack of planning doesn't constitute an emergency on my part, or however that saying goes..... in other words, Lady your dog hasn't seen a groomer in at least 6 months, WHY is this an emergency today?????
Or, the best ones, drop them off in the morning,and we give them a time to pick them up,all day they are calling,is my dog ready yet? WHY did you ask for a certain time,if you were only going to bug us till that time??? Or, our favorite one, pick the dog up 30 minutes to an hour AFTER we are closed,having asked when you dropped them off, what time we close.... gah.
But now that good paychecks are here again,it is still good to be busy.

I did tell a friend that while being this busy is tiring me out, at least I can pay cash for my funeral,when I drop from the stress.....