29 December, 2009

I forget his name,but he is right!

Let's hear it for snow!

Last weeks snow,it was beautiful,and I had the
luck of not having to drive in it, so I enjoyed it
immensely.. having lived in Alaska, I do miss
the snows,they are like a quiet haven when they start.
Supposed to snow again today,but not as bad,and I'm off work again,(people,your dogs need grooming!) so I can sit and watch the poor souls that have to get out and take their lives in the hands,driving in Texas in bad weather is like having a death wish. One I don't have,and don't want.
Alaska driving is different,and not as scary ,once you get the hang of it,took me 2 winters,and then I was crazy happy with it,learned to drive all kinds of heavy equiptment,and even operate Nodwells... the time the electrical went out on the Freightliner ( big truck with a trailer)as I was driving down a snowy slippery hill was not so much,but after I got it stopped,and was still alive,the realization I did it was a freakin blast.
My daughter Eli,and I drove in a blizzard to Anchorage from Fairbanks one Christmas for shopping,now it wasn't supposed to snow that much,but our luck being what it was,it did.But we made it,and had so much fun.... one of my favorite memories with her... I still have the puffin picture she snuck off and had framed for me ,it's one of my favorite things,I look at it and remember that trip.I hope when my mind goes ,when I get older, I don't lose those type of memories,or of the kids.....

17 November, 2009

I named her Sugar...

As I write this ,she is living behind a donut shop and a liquor store... and has no way knowing what will happen to her this winter. The thought of her( I have named her Sugar) being out in the cold makes me cry.I wish I had more room,but you know how many I have now, and the city does have it's limits, but I'm willing to move to the country if anyone knows of a place for all of us. I've put her sweet face on pit mix rescues sites,and anywhere I can find,even emailed a dogless friend in Alaska,he is a pilot,so she would have to have a partime petsitter... you could do it Danno,you have friends that live nearby!!!
I know not many people read this,figure maybe God could find a way for the right person to read it if I write it.... where are you???
I've taken food to her,and the first time I met her, she slowly came over ,and laid her head on my knee,and if that wasn't enough,I got a kiss.She looked like her spirit had just about been done in,I tell ya... The owner of the store said it took him a week and treats before she would come to him, I said it may have been a man that abused her,he is mad about that too... if only paybacks came in the form of 'back at ya' when it comes to abuse... of any animal or person. I could go on and on about her,just find it in your heart to come help her,if you can give her a good safe home... and tell your friends!!!
Contact me thru here.... and thanks for reading me!
I believe in animal rights, and high among them is the right to the gentle stroke of a human hand.
-Robert Brault-

27 October, 2009


I'm totally addicted to the Moderncat site,and I love the things that I discover on it. One of the authors on a book has found a site for the best thing since sliced bread as my Grandmother used to say... and the book is cute,but what she has on her blog blew me away.Her blog is:

A doggie duvet that is totally cool and yet green to a point too,I have 3 cats and 3 big dogs,and big dog beds are crazy expensive,but these are awesome.

You just take your old clothes,and make a bed with the duvet,how cool is that??? It keeps old blankets,pillows and clothes out of the landfills,what is better than that? Not all clothes are good enough to donate to the needy,so donate them to your dogsand cats.

I know I could make one,and I have a sewing machine,but you have to admire the talent in this .

I for one will be ordering one,or two,maybe I can put it on my Christmas list for my daughter.

Did ya get that Eli? :)

You can order a smaller one for cats, a 22x27 square duvet is 20.00 Now really ,can you beat that? Check them out,I believe in supporting small businesses,and this is a good one.

On that note,I have made a pact with myself NOT to go to Walmart anymore than I absolutely have to,and so far,it is great,I have a small local grocer here close,now I can't get everyting I can at WallyWorld,but then ,do I really need it?? I also found out Petsmart has the large bag of dog food cheaper than Walmart,almost 10.00 cheaper! I am tired of the walk from one end of the store whaich is probably several acres to the other end just for one or two items. I have problems with walking alot,and it is so much better to get in and get out,no more waiting forever in line if you go at the wrong time,and no more crowds,less rude people,less choices(to me that is a good thing) ya just get your stuff and go.

Box box stores maybe the rage for some people,and more power to em,but I like knowing the cashiers,and knowing it isn't such a big chore so much anymore. The parking lot alone puts me off,it's lke a sabbtical nowdays to get groceries. It's just my humble opinion....

What if everyone used the small stores again,and avoided the big ones,support the local ones,give back to the community,not the stock market? It'd be a freakin Nirvana for me I tell ya.

23 August, 2009

26 July, 2009

Spring was so nice.... then came summer.

My baby birds living in the bluebird house.At least someone is using it..
Was watching the yard,and enjoying the morning,many moons ago before the heat wave,and found some of the houses I have were being used. I love being out there, the birds,lizards, dragonflies make it my own piece of heaven,till summer hits,then I like the nights.
That's when I miss Alaska,and it's beautiful summers,and mild temps.Plus ,with the long days,you can grow humongous flowers and veggies. Winters, I like it here,it is warm enough most of it to still be outside,except for a few for real winter days,then you still enjoy it,cuz you know it's only lasting a day,and the dogs and I run and play in the snow,for the hour or two it lasts....but we have fun!

03 May, 2009

Happenings here at home...

Well,been quite a while since I've posted,so in a nutshell.
1.Thanksgiving night last year,with all the kids here,my neighbors shed burnt down,I was sleeping in the plant room with the dogs,so the kids could have my bed,and woke up to a really big blaze of fire outside my windows.I thought it was morning at first,lots of sirens and firetrucks later,it was out,shed a total loss,and melted part of my siding on my workshop,you might like to envision me running around in the dark,yelling 911! Fire! Call 911! to get a chuckle.
It was something the kids talked about for days...LOL
2. In January,I found a great shop to work in,decided it was work for another shop,or be poor while trying to start my own.It is a nice little shop,and people are great there.I'm glad it worked out the way it did.
Many of my clients have followed me,so it's like home to boot.
3.Spring is here,and some of my plants I never thought I'd see again came back!! Thought the heat last summer did em in,it did me...
4. Just finished building my compost bin out of materials I had lying around in the workshop.Bonus for recycling! The piece of wire fencing wasn't cuttin it, so I spent 2 hours working on this baby,check it out,I'm not Martha in the garden,but I'm happy... Mollie is checking it out in the picture. Homemade compost is great, and free! And a place to put the gazillions of leaves I have every fall too, except for the ones that go in the pond cause I forgot to put the netting over it.
So, that's about it for now,going to go work on domestic goddess chores.ugh.