10 November, 2006

Gardening and wildlife as therapy. Not.

First of all, let me tell you, I am an animal lover, I have lots of em. I have 3 rescue dogs,and 2 cats,a pond of fish and a betta I upscaled into a 5gal tank because I felt sorry for him.
So it's not as though I hate animals, I just try to keep them out of each others food, which brings me to this .I have birdfeeders,lots of them, and I have squirrel feeders, several of them. Now,you think, that everyone would play nice and be happy,but these squirrels are downright evil.
Where I lived before I bought the old house, I didn't have squirrels, maybe they didn't like that part of the country or something, but I never saw one. This house had been sitting closed up for a while,and it is old(1925),and does have alot of hiding spaces,the attic,the addon rooms,the workshops( I tore one down ,it was infested with things I won't describe on here) and I guess that may have ticked the squirrels off, being kicked out of their domain.Since I moved in, I have had visitors at night in the attic, my poor dog at the time would sit up and growl at the ceiling in the middle of the night.It sounded like there was a party going on at the time,and we were living below it.Incidently, the first night here, one of the trees in the front yard took out the street's power lines, it was a great storm,and I woke to the neighborhood little old men walking up and down in front of my house looking and pointing at my tree.Buddy and I stayed in the back part of the house for most of that day, I thought it better not to be in front of the windows. You just never know.
Back to the squirrels.....

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