18 November, 2006

Squirrels are taking over the world!

I think that the squirrels are taking over the world. No, it's true! You should see my backyard sometimes, it's full of them, they are foraging for food, rounding up winter treats, and generally wreaking havoc on my yard, and as a plus for them, messing with the dogs' heads.
I love watching their antics, they play,they run, they just tore up the birdfeeder! As I have said, I put out two different feeders just for them, and you think they would use them? No way. So, I have resorted to squirrel free feeders, only to find that while they may be squirrel proof, they are defintely not racoon proof.The little beggars are competing for food now. And my fish population in the pond is dwindling fast.... I started out with a dozen goldfish( I figured some would come to this end) now, I'm down to 4.I guess those are the real swimmers.

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