19 July, 2008

And they say life is like a box of chocolates....

I found how I want to be buried.Well, really I want to be cremated,but I'm not sure Beth will go for that.So,having a plan B works for me...


I want to be a BIG box of chocolates!
Can you imagine,now what kind of music goes with that?
I guess my thoughts of Carol Kings "Way over yonder" will work out ok.
And ,actually,they are non toxic cardboard,so I can be cremated in it.
Burn,baby,burn comes to mind here.
You have so many options on the way to go now, you can even feed the fishies.Well,you really are made into a home for them.But if you aren't against water,fish or sharks,this could be it.


I though the picture of the reef was more relaxing than the coffins.That's just me.Must be the heat here,making me think of these options.

"Cremation is growing in popularity as funeral and burial costs escalate and we see, almost daily, old cemeteries being moved to make way for new roads, shopping centers, etc. A case in point occurred in St. Louis last year, when the bodies of several hundred nuns were exhumed from an old church cemetery to make way for more pavement."
Found in an article on cremation.... how sad is that??
No longer will you be laid to rest,you're laid to wait for the new road.


Amber Star said...

oh ugh...do i have to go back over the whole what to do with me once I'm good and dead thing again. I think my hub's fam have plots for us. I just hope I have one of my own...probably he will be on top.

Went to Lowes this morning and got some forsythia, golden barberry, and some other really cool stuff. Now figuring where to plant it all.
Plus...now I want more barberry again to go around the golden one. I love it and what we had died when the trees got bigger and the bed became really dark. It is time to kick some tree butt around here. We fight leave constantly.

Zanymuse said...

Wrap me in newspapers and put me out with the rest of the trash I leave behind cause I won't be needing it again...but just to be safe...make it the funny pages so the last laugh will be on me.