29 December, 2009

Let's hear it for snow!

Last weeks snow,it was beautiful,and I had the
luck of not having to drive in it, so I enjoyed it
immensely.. having lived in Alaska, I do miss
the snows,they are like a quiet haven when they start.
Supposed to snow again today,but not as bad,and I'm off work again,(people,your dogs need grooming!) so I can sit and watch the poor souls that have to get out and take their lives in the hands,driving in Texas in bad weather is like having a death wish. One I don't have,and don't want.
Alaska driving is different,and not as scary ,once you get the hang of it,took me 2 winters,and then I was crazy happy with it,learned to drive all kinds of heavy equiptment,and even operate Nodwells... the time the electrical went out on the Freightliner ( big truck with a trailer)as I was driving down a snowy slippery hill was not so much,but after I got it stopped,and was still alive,the realization I did it was a freakin blast.
My daughter Eli,and I drove in a blizzard to Anchorage from Fairbanks one Christmas for shopping,now it wasn't supposed to snow that much,but our luck being what it was,it did.But we made it,and had so much fun.... one of my favorite memories with her... I still have the puffin picture she snuck off and had framed for me ,it's one of my favorite things,I look at it and remember that trip.I hope when my mind goes ,when I get older, I don't lose those type of memories,or of the kids.....

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