16 February, 2010

Snow and beauty abounds..

Well, we did get the snow,and after all the beauty and gentle quietness dissipated,it was not so much. Did get to play with the dogs,Buddy loves it,kept losing his sticks in the 10+inches in the yard,so he went and got his own stick,about 3 ft.That's my boy....
Lost a big limb out front,thank God it didn't fall on the house,or the driveway I use.My awesome neighbor,Tony is going to cut it up,he uses the firewood,so it's helps us both,such a nice family,it is nice to have neighbors like I do,a fireman across the street,and his wonderful wife Dana, helped me push the jeep back into the driveway after I got out to go to the store,Buddy and I traveled less than a mile,and when we got back, I couldn't get it up the semi-steep drive... she saw me back and forthing it and came to help. I know forthing isn't a word,but when you are in that situation,it is.
I read another book,worked on mosaics,and generally liked being in the white world for a while,but the thought kept crossing my mind about the homeless... I wished I could just bring them all in to my house and make them soup. I put out food for the birds,so my daughter wouldn't have an aneurysm over me bringing homeless people home with me. ANd I never heard a thing about them on the news,just the usual digging out and all the wrecks. How sad.
I hope you all that read this had a warm and safe time with it,and got to enjoy the beauty of it.


Amber Star said...

Our insurance guy has already come and turned in a claim. If the damage wasn't from hail or wind the deductible is like $500 otherwise it is 1% of the policy.

Hope Paula didn't have any damage.
Oh...Plant Shed had an ad in the Sunday paper for 5 gallon photinias for $5.88. I'll let you use my customer appreciation card. Maybe we can go to the nursery when it isn't 110 or 30 with a 40 mph wind. :)

Don't bring the homeless into your home, Pye. There is a reason they are homeless and it is usually schizophrenia. The Presbyterian Night Shelter and other homeless shelters do a good job of caring for them. Many won't go into the homeless shelters. One year some group wanted us to go out and count the homeless. A large number of officers told me not to do it. They told horror stories of waking them and being accosted with knives and more. I care for you and don't want you hurt.

Pyewacketcat said...

Oh,a plant sale!! Woohoo! When we goin? :)
I think back on times when you could help your fellow man, but then times were different then,I know to be careful,Paula and Leann screeched no! when I mentioned it to them.LOL
Maybe I could work in a soup kitchen,or something.Although the snow has come and gone,and they are somewhat warmer these days.
Some days,if it weren't for all my critters,I'd be out there with them,Buddy and I in a box under a bridge,I can see some of their reasons for living like that.... tired of the rat race of today.But I won't,I promise. :)