28 March, 2010

Week ONE!

This has been a busy week, but other than wishing to God that the cravings would go away, it has been fine as far as not smoking. I am so glad to have finally realized I can't go on ,it's the money,the smell,the social outcast thing...and I live with animals,and I wouldn't inject them with heroin,why am I blowing smoke on them???
That thought is from a book I bought,and it makes so much sense,Allan Carr came up with the idea years ago,and quit smoking years ago.Sadly, he died from lung cancer in 2007,they said it was probably from all the seminars he gave, you can still smoke while you are in the seminar or reading the book, which I did have a couple of puffs off one while reading the beginning of the book,but thought,oh HELL, I am trying to quit,why I am doing this??? I had already not smoked for several days,so I am not smoking while reading it,you can,it says you can, if you do desire... I don't.
It is The EASYWAY to quit smoking,and I think it is good.For me at least,confirms my reasons to quit,and I only hope if you are trying to quit, you try it.You can buy it off the website, I found it on Amazon.co for 8.99 which included S&H...
Work has picked up,and I can open bills without cringing again! woohoo. It was a long hard winter,but one of introspection... a good thing.Maybe what lead me to quit smoking,and eat better too,no more eating out at a drop of the hat... bad juju for the butt I tell ya.
As the days are longer,and warmer,I have had a chance to get out in the yard more, my favorite place in the world,the only thing that would make it perfect is if my daughter Elisabeth were here with me... soon I hope.Soon we shall be dining and having coffee in the backyard by the waterlilies... and watching the dragonflies,which I love,and have plenty of ,thanks to the little water ponds I have.And their main staple is mosquitoes,how cool is that?

But the squirrels are back with a vengeance!OMG!! I put out fox urine in the plant room attic again, if you have had squirrels ,you know how bad they are,and fox urine you buy,no I didn't squeeze a fox for the love of God,but I do despise them that much.It comes in a bottle,you put some on a cotton ball or whatever,I use cotton balls,and fling them to the corners of the attic.I learned that trick in Alaska,it works,and the looks on the guys face when I go in and ask for it is pretty good too,I guess I don't look like the type of woman that would either know it existed or what to do with it.. hehe,I am a woman of many facets,and some are damn handy too.

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Amber Star said...

We have used the fox urine, too. It is pretty good at keeping squirrels out of the attic. But it is a real bitch if you get it on you. The guy that sold it to me couldn't stress that strongly enough. hahaha

Your quitting smoking thing is going so well. I'm happy for you, cuz I'd like to keep you around a while longer and you know. It would sort of put a crimp in our style if we had to drag oxygen around behind us. The one that gets me is the guy who talks by covering the hole in his throat where his larynx used to be. That is enough to stop you mid lightup, or at least it gave me pause.