20 April, 2010

Fashion or Torture?

Someone give me an idea of what wearing this would feel like.... because I seriously doubt there is enough money in the world to get me to wear them. Really? People wear this stuff? I have to say it does bring back memories of the wilder side I had when I was young, but that included hot pants and Go go boots... if you remember that era.
Women have been stuffing their selves into the worst crap ever since a man said," Baby,you'd look hot in that."And what do we get for our troubles? Back aches,bunions,broken bones in some cases, and a feeling of false self worth.
If you have to wear this stuff to feel good about yourself, you really need to reevaluate your principles, your tastes,and your man.
I'm just sorry women are such slaves to men's idea of fashion, you know a man won't wear it ,but by God we will for them.
On the other hand ,we need to design something equally painful for men,let me know your ideas, and let's get it on the drawing board!

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