28 June, 2010

Well, the smoking thing is back, I only smoke outside now,I figure if I have to go outside, it cuts down,and I have to think,do I really want one?? And the house smells better too,I'm starting to paint the inside again, doing some of the work I have put off for years,since I am saving money now,due to only a couple of packs a week,it helps.
I want to get it all painted before I leave this earth,some rooms haven't been painted since the 70's or 80's ,so there is a real need here.... lead paint and all.and the fact that the house has been smoked in probably since 1925,when it was built, it will always have that smell,but painting does help.
The animals are driving me crazy with the allergies, they scratch all the time,and I am bathing them every week,nada. Have to wait till the allergens cease and desist I suppose... oh well.It's the price you pay for having your own zoo,putting biospot on Sissy was real fun too, I have to sneak up on her with it open,and nab her,she is so skittish,now,she is pouting and won't come near me for a few days, till she realizes it was only a one time thing...for now.Fleas are a big problem, between the feral cats,raccoons,possums,and squirrels that hang out her,it remains a constant battle, I was hoping the severe cold we had last winter might have helped,but no dice there,so I had to resort to putting out sevin granules in the back yard yesterday,you water it in,and it is supposed to kill them..and other things.The reason I don't want to is the magnificent dragonflies I have around my pond, they are so beautiful,blues ones and huge orange/red ones...doing the dance,and then dipping their tails in the water to lay eggs. I watched for a long while yesterday morning,they are so fun to watch.
I have to say ,if you have a spot for a water feature, it is well worth the time and trouble to put one in, and watch the creatures that come by for a visit.

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Amber Star said...

Yeah...I'm all about waiting for those fleas, and sand flies and God knows what to come by to check on the dragonflies. :) I know what you mean, though. I used to float in the pool and watch them fly above me and land on me. It was beautiful. I haven't gotten in the pool yet this year. I'm a big ole weenie...I know.