16 December, 2006

Something is stealing my birdfeeders!

I keep putting out the little green metal woodpecker seed holders, and something is stealing them.I go out and they are in the other part of the yard,empty of course.I have tried different things to keep them up on the stand, but they are too smart for me . .. anybody have ideas,send em on! I think I still have a raccoon,or a very savvy,and strong squirrel....
A couple of weeks ago, it sleeted/snowed/iced over here.For Texas, it was great to me, I love seeing it snow, and I got to stay home one day, watching the squirrels,birds scarfing up the seed and corn I threw out, several times that day.It was cold for here,23 degrees,but the thing about it here,it doesn't stay.
The birds were hanging out under the glider, you know it's cold when they do that.

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