08 July, 2007

It's 8:30am, and another storm is blowing through here,the flagstone for the backyard is still stacked and waiting.Upsides is ,I haven't had to water anything this year yet, downside is, it is too wet to till or lay stone in the yard.Feeling like monsoon season in Texas this spring,and God knows when I'll get to start painting on the inside of house. But sitting here and watching the rain is great,rain barrels are staying full too,maybe the water bill this year won't be like the electricity billThe squirrels and I have come to an agreement, they have their feeders ,and the birds have theirs.It was a battle at first,until I got smart and gave them their own feeders, they were constantly knocking down and dragging off the birds food. I bought a bat house ,I figure maybe I can get some to keep the mosquitos in check,so between the bats,dragonflies,and mosquito fish,I should have it licked.Working on organic for the whole yard,put ladybugs out yesterday,and buying praying mantis again this year,never liked em when I was a kid,but raising them is fun,if you've ever seen a baby one,you'd know.Gotta say,they are cute.

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