08 June, 2008

Additions to family

I haven't added that last summer,Darla,a friend of my Aunts was terminally ill,and wanted me to find her 2 cats,Sissy and Baxter a good home. Try as I may, the right home wasn't jumping at us,lots of people inquired,but none were the right one,no other animals,older person or couple ,no young children. As I sit here, Baxter is putting his paw on my hand, to get my fingers off the keyboard ,and on him. The last time I visited Darla, I told her if we didn't find them a home,when the time came, they are coming home with me..... I had taken her pictures of the crew here,and told her I thought they would be fine,though they had never been around other animals.( I was really praying on this one).

But,when the time came,after the funeral, I went and picked them up, her daughters were with them those last days... I fixed them a room of their own,and closed them in for awhile, to get used to the idea of a new home,and to get used to the new smells of other animals in the house,they had a couple of inches under the door to visit.

It was not as hard as I thought, they got settled,the dogs didn't care,except Mollie,she was worried about them being closed up,she would go to the door and whine.Mollie was the first to stick her head in and say hello too,if you can imagine a140lb bloodhound/st.bernard cross being worried about the welfare of 2 strange cats. I dunno, it worked for us all.She is now the official greeter for the house.Works well for any strangers. :)

They have been here almost a year now, and other than the usual little hissy matches,Pyewacket and Precious,my other 2 are 12 now,and not as open to new as they used to be. But,it works for us....

Baxter and Sissy love the plantroom as much as the rest of us,and many thanks to Baxie, I am building a greenhouse this summer.He is a real plant monster,loves the plants,when I was raising seeds this winter, I had to fight him over them,he must have seen a big salad becuase I couln't keep him out of them.I was cleaning dead leaves off my ivy,and he kept coming over to help pull them off, finally ,when I wouldn't let him have them, he got in the trashcan I was putting them in... hence the greenhouse idea,been wanting one for a long time anyway.Yeah Baxie!
The dogs came over,looked in the can,looked at me like...Well what did ya do that for?

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