14 June, 2008

Well. I think I might have busted the critter that kept getting my fish out of my pond. Bless it's heart.

I went out the other night,and caught his butt going up in the space they have torn in the ceiling of the workshop,gotta find someone to fix that too.... glad I didn't let the dogs out a moment earlier,I'd have had a mess on my hands.He/she sat there watching me,so I went and grabbed the camera.

Today, I put in a new bed for some hostas,ferns,and heucheras. Tried one of the little watering kits,you know,the ones that have a billion pieces,you lay the tiny hose out,then go back and cut and put in the t's and drippers.BS is all I can say to that crap. Who invented these damn things? Someone on crack I figure,and a whole lotta time.

Tomorrow,I'm going with friends to Winstar for the day,going to blow money on something other than plants this month. :)Been waiting on the guy that is supposed to be laying the flagstone to show up,I'm thinking he is getting replaced next weekend.Another reason I try to do things around here,you can't get a job done right anymore,unless you're Trump I guess. I heard about another guy a friend uses,may try him next week.

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