02 July, 2008

Started a new reuseit group...

I have started this group,hoping to help Mother Earth with the vast amount of unneeded waste going to our landfills,so much is easily reused.
I do try to recycle,reuse and keep the trash at a minimum,it's not that hard.
My daughter lives in Seattle, where it is a way of life,when I first went to see her,she let me know I didn't do it right,that she'd do it for me. We're talking trash here,but it is important to know what to throw away,and to recycle. I did call her the trash nazi at first,but I'm learning....
The point is, when we were kids, there wasn't all the crap there is now,you used it till there was no more,like machines,lawnmowers,tools,cars too.Now everyone has to has the newest,even if their old one is 1 or 2 yrs old...I have been guilty of it too.
I now am learning the impact of that lifestyle on the only planet we have,and changing my ways. I do still buy plants each spring,but I keep the little pots to start seeds in too.
Building a greenhouse out of old wood windows,and hope to be able to have a seed cache,so I won't buy more plastic. And have plants to trade for others I want.
Some of my friends and I trade stuff too,well, we pass it on to each other,we joke about going to each others houses,and seeing our old place there.
I don't take anything to the dump if it can possibly be used again.Just have to find the right person that needs it,I say.
So,here I am,not saving the world,just trying to help it.

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Karen said...

Awesome and congrats on the new group! I hope that you see some growth in the near future!