25 June, 2008

Hiring a honest worker...

I have found in the past 4 years of owning my old house,I have done better work than most of the people I hired. I don't use big companies ,as a rule,I try to use a guy that needs to feed his family.It has been a real PITA, have some of the worst work to show for my trouble and money.I may as well have burned the money,or given it to a charity .

The day of the honest little man is gone as far as I can see, even the place I work at has gone bigtime,and pains me to see it.Money is the bottom line now,not good service.

Let's recap the jobs I hired out.

1.Rewiring the 1925 house to code,not done right,and has never come back to fix the outlets that still don't work, despite countless calls,and running into him at HD.

2.Having central heat/ac put in, never came back to check the complaint I have about the noisy unit outside. And they put a hole in the ceiling while up in the attic.

3. Having a slatted door put on the pantry,the one that was here was a old thing that was 4 in. short of the floor to vent the gas water heater. They put the door in upside down!

4.Having the old original bathroom renovated.Started in Jan. Still needs to come finish the trim,months later,haven't heard from him either.

5.The worst of all,hiring a person to lay the flagstone in the backyard.

Jesus,Mary and Joseph,would you have paid for this?? I did,I don't stiff people,I just pay and cry.

I can not for the life of me understand why people take a job ,and don't do their best,or worse,try to do something you have no friggin clue of what you are doing... you do that kind of work at your OWN home,not for pay at others homes. And to act like you know what you are doing,well,frankly,it pisses me off to watch them ,and think,I could have done that well.

Because I am a woman alone,I have been conned in these and more cases,buying a tool for instance.I go to HD or Lowes,try to find a guy that knows what I need,what do I get? Some BOZO that knows no more than I do,but talks down to me.... now that makes me furious.And I walk away,saying,never mind,I'll figure it out.And most of the time,I do.
I could go on,but I have to go do a job now... and I'll do it right.

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