19 November, 2008

Major life changes

It's been a while since I've posted,and so many things have happened.
I basically have started a new venture ,quit my job of 7 1/2 yrs,and starting on my own.To a degree,I am working in an established grooming shop,doing like hair stylists do,renting a space to do my clients.
The job I left was not fitting to my way of customer service,and was becoming somewhat of a hindrance to my sanity to say the least.
That being said, I'm trying to start over,with a few of my old clients,and hoping more find me.
The main thing I have to say about this,is the loyalty of some of them.A few had talked to me,urging me to do this,and for them I thank you. Though I have done this in the worst of economic times, I feel better already... stress is a something that can effect you in many ways,for me it was severe depression and dreading each day I had to go into work. The small business I started with had become a behemoth of a mismanaged fiasco.
Although I love what I do,where you do it can be a large part of how well you do your job. I really care about my clients,they are a big part of my life,and I treat them as my own furbabies....
Also,in the midst of all this chaos,comes the holidays,I have my daughter coming for a week! We don't get to see each other much,she lives in Seattle,and though we talk on the phone,email,and play Scrabble online,it just doesn't replace a big hug when one of you needs it.
And my other daughter,actually a stepdaughter,but I hate to use that,it just doesn't feel right, I consider her my own too,is coming for a night with her 3 kids,this will be the first time in years we have had a holiday together in years .
So,the head count will be;
3 adults,3 children under 10, 3 big dogs,and 4 cats..... woohoo!
If this doesn't get you in the holiday spirit,nothing will.Or at least a gotta clean the house ,bathe the dogs,shop for food mood. All of which I do on a regular basis,but this means serious cleaning,bathing,and shopping.
And BTW, the game Scrabulous is no more, after undergoing serious legal issues, it has been renamed Lexulous.Works the same ,and we are still serious scrabble gamers,my family and friends. Check it out,if you love Scrabble, this is the game for you,you'll be hurrying to check your email to see if it is your turn.
Gotta go to work now,woohoo!
I sincerely hope anyone reading this has a better day than yesterday,and not a good a day as tomorrow.... God bless the troops!

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Amber Star said...

Girl...you got hands full with adults, kids, and furbabies all at once. :) Hope you guys had a wonderful day whenever it was you got together. We got home from Carolyn's yesterday and we ain't all right yet. Gained a ton of weight I'm pretty sure.

Tell Beth hey from your cousin Linda and I'm not sure w/o getting the family tree maker out what relation we are...2nd cuz?

I think I found my user and pass for lexulous.

Love ya,