03 May, 2009

Happenings here at home...

Well,been quite a while since I've posted,so in a nutshell.
1.Thanksgiving night last year,with all the kids here,my neighbors shed burnt down,I was sleeping in the plant room with the dogs,so the kids could have my bed,and woke up to a really big blaze of fire outside my windows.I thought it was morning at first,lots of sirens and firetrucks later,it was out,shed a total loss,and melted part of my siding on my workshop,you might like to envision me running around in the dark,yelling 911! Fire! Call 911! to get a chuckle.
It was something the kids talked about for days...LOL
2. In January,I found a great shop to work in,decided it was work for another shop,or be poor while trying to start my own.It is a nice little shop,and people are great there.I'm glad it worked out the way it did.
Many of my clients have followed me,so it's like home to boot.
3.Spring is here,and some of my plants I never thought I'd see again came back!! Thought the heat last summer did em in,it did me...
4. Just finished building my compost bin out of materials I had lying around in the workshop.Bonus for recycling! The piece of wire fencing wasn't cuttin it, so I spent 2 hours working on this baby,check it out,I'm not Martha in the garden,but I'm happy... Mollie is checking it out in the picture. Homemade compost is great, and free! And a place to put the gazillions of leaves I have every fall too, except for the ones that go in the pond cause I forgot to put the netting over it.
So, that's about it for now,going to go work on domestic goddess chores.ugh.

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Amber Star said...

You nut! You didn't tell me about any of that stuff! You was nurly toast and I'd woulda never known. Glad you didn't burn up that night.

Glad your job is working out well. You did tell me about that.

Love the compost bin. I gave up on the one we made a hunnerd years ago, actually it finally composted itself. It was difficult to work with, but did make compost over time.

Very good to see you posting. I was looking at that last posted 5 months ago just today I think.

It is about time for a party before it gets too hot...except for the swine flu and all. :) We went over to Garfield and Jane's last night. Didn't stay long...my arthritis started really acting up with the steps in their house and all.