27 October, 2009


I'm totally addicted to the Moderncat site,and I love the things that I discover on it. One of the authors on a book has found a site for the best thing since sliced bread as my Grandmother used to say... and the book is cute,but what she has on her blog blew me away.Her blog is:

A doggie duvet that is totally cool and yet green to a point too,I have 3 cats and 3 big dogs,and big dog beds are crazy expensive,but these are awesome.

You just take your old clothes,and make a bed with the duvet,how cool is that??? It keeps old blankets,pillows and clothes out of the landfills,what is better than that? Not all clothes are good enough to donate to the needy,so donate them to your dogsand cats.

I know I could make one,and I have a sewing machine,but you have to admire the talent in this .

I for one will be ordering one,or two,maybe I can put it on my Christmas list for my daughter.

Did ya get that Eli? :)

You can order a smaller one for cats, a 22x27 square duvet is 20.00 Now really ,can you beat that? Check them out,I believe in supporting small businesses,and this is a good one.

On that note,I have made a pact with myself NOT to go to Walmart anymore than I absolutely have to,and so far,it is great,I have a small local grocer here close,now I can't get everyting I can at WallyWorld,but then ,do I really need it?? I also found out Petsmart has the large bag of dog food cheaper than Walmart,almost 10.00 cheaper! I am tired of the walk from one end of the store whaich is probably several acres to the other end just for one or two items. I have problems with walking alot,and it is so much better to get in and get out,no more waiting forever in line if you go at the wrong time,and no more crowds,less rude people,less choices(to me that is a good thing) ya just get your stuff and go.

Box box stores maybe the rage for some people,and more power to em,but I like knowing the cashiers,and knowing it isn't such a big chore so much anymore. The parking lot alone puts me off,it's lke a sabbtical nowdays to get groceries. It's just my humble opinion....

What if everyone used the small stores again,and avoided the big ones,support the local ones,give back to the community,not the stock market? It'd be a freakin Nirvana for me I tell ya.


Elisabeth said...

My Mom is saving the world one dog/cat bed at a time... We should all do well to take a page from her book. Love you Mom!

Amber Star said...

I read Dooce almost every day. She cracks me up and now you are going to stuff your old bras, she used her old nursing bras, and panties into a duvet cover for your dogs? I love it and so will they! I didn't know there was another place that sold them. It really is a good idea to not throw old clothes out, but I don't have a pet any longer. Our little calico disappeared and it has been a long time now.

I guess you could use a twin size sheet for the bed...fold it over and stitch the sides...but leave part open to get the clothes into it.

I've gotten all green...well, watching tv about living on food that is grown within a 100 mile radius of where they live. The people who are sticking with it are starting to love it.

It was good to see your blog updated again.