17 November, 2009

I named her Sugar...

As I write this ,she is living behind a donut shop and a liquor store... and has no way knowing what will happen to her this winter. The thought of her( I have named her Sugar) being out in the cold makes me cry.I wish I had more room,but you know how many I have now, and the city does have it's limits, but I'm willing to move to the country if anyone knows of a place for all of us. I've put her sweet face on pit mix rescues sites,and anywhere I can find,even emailed a dogless friend in Alaska,he is a pilot,so she would have to have a partime petsitter... you could do it Danno,you have friends that live nearby!!!
I know not many people read this,figure maybe God could find a way for the right person to read it if I write it.... where are you???
I've taken food to her,and the first time I met her, she slowly came over ,and laid her head on my knee,and if that wasn't enough,I got a kiss.She looked like her spirit had just about been done in,I tell ya... The owner of the store said it took him a week and treats before she would come to him, I said it may have been a man that abused her,he is mad about that too... if only paybacks came in the form of 'back at ya' when it comes to abuse... of any animal or person. I could go on and on about her,just find it in your heart to come help her,if you can give her a good safe home... and tell your friends!!!
Contact me thru here.... and thanks for reading me!
I believe in animal rights, and high among them is the right to the gentle stroke of a human hand.
-Robert Brault-


Amber Star said...

Have you moved her into your house yet? I know you, Becki...*hugs*

Pyewacketcat said...

No, she lives at the auto shop down the road now... :)