05 January, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside....

As Amber Star says, we are in for a deep freeze,and I for one don't mind so much,but I got rid of my heavy winter gear when I moved back to Texas,bad plan as I see it now.I kept my old gloves I got almost 15 years ago at Chena Hot Springs,they have Alaska all over them,and I have sewn the fingers back together several times, I do have some other ones,the thinsulate ones are some of the best as far as I am concerned,but I love my old ones. If this keeps up, I may have to find me a heavy coat,I prefer to layer,love turtlenecks and thermals,so I can survive if need be. Oh heck,it is Texas, this won't last long,we'll be back to 100+ soon. And I do have my big wool socks.:)
And the up side of this cold spell,fleas might not be at epic proportions next summer,I can only hope.... with 3 big dogs and 3 cats,it can be a real problem,once they hit the dogs,the cats,which never go out, somehow manage to catch a few too.And Sissy is one of those cats which freak out if you try to apply Frontline,and yaks anything you try to put down her,like capstar.
She is paying me back for not letting them in the plantroom much by pooping in my bathtub in the front bathroom,I had to bring in my plants,and Baxter thinks I whipped him up some salads,so I have been keeping them in,till I figured out a way to keep him and Sissy out of the plants,they hate not being out there,it's all windows, and ledges,so they have great views,and it is my favorite room too,not heated,so I have the oil filled heaters out there,had the old gas dearborns,but decided those were too dangerous....Pye doesn't care,she is older and just wants warmth these days,mostly on the bed curled up in my blankets.
Oh yeah, this last week, I found out not only my wonderful mailman retired,but my insurance lady did too! Joe was the best mailman a person who shops online could ask for,he always put my packages in the carport by the door,and some of them were big and heavy,like the 2 antique oriental rugs I bought,and some of the many boxes of mosaic tiles... gonna miss you Joe,hope you have a great retirement!
The insurance lady was good too,except for the time I took the jeep in to show them the hail damage to the hood,and they just said, to wait till the season was over,thought that was a very cavalier attitude but then I suppose it made sense... still have the minor dings 3 years later,so actually I found I can live with them. I found out when they sent me a letter,and told me I was transfered to another insurance man here.... got a welcome kit from him,atlas,car paper work holder,trashbag,and a stinky car fragrance... man, it does smell,kinda like a vanilla,and I don't care for it.It's the thought,right?
So, that's my new year so far,changes are good,and I hope your year is going great..... and your changes are for the better.

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Amber Star said...

You nut! So the cats think you have whipped them up a salad. hahaha! It has finally gotten here. I just heard the wind kick up. My thermometer still says 49, but that won't last long. We put some sheets down to cover the pansies, etc. and put some strings of Christmas lights under the sheets. It looks cool as can be! Hope it doesn't all catch the leaves on fire tonight.

It is awful when we lose the good ones like you mailman who was a good guy and the insurance lady who was just trying to help you not have to pay more than one deductible. They just don't make 'em like they used to.