28 July, 2010

UPS needs help!

In this day and age of fast service, we expect it to be fast ,and good.But I can tell you for a fact,it ain't always so... case in point,UPS. I have now ordered 2 grooming tables,and today the 2nd one arrived,the 1st one being dented to the point it wasn't an option for me to keep.2 UPS uys came in,and I made the remark,or joke,that it didn't have a big gash in the box,and that was a good sign.... they left,and I was left to eat my words.Opened it up,and this one had a dent and another dent where they had hit it so hard with something,the knob on the arm mashed the table leg!
WE are not talking about a flimsy aluminum leg,tis is a heavy duty BIG 48" table,and supports up to a 250 lb dog... and for that matter,the reason I am TRYING to get a new table,my old 15+ yr. old table has become too wobbly for big dogs. Now seriously, is it that hard not to run over,and destroy 1 measly table??? My poor ole table has been thrown in the back of my jeep,and hauled to Alaska and back,and never has sustained that kind of damage,I would love to see what they do to their goods to look like that in delivery.... and of course you can't buy that particular table anymore.
I have emailed UPS,and we shall see what that does. Wish me luck.

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