09 January, 2011

It is finally over!!!

I have to say ,I am glad the holidays are over, if I had seen one more damn commercial about something the kids HAVE to HAVE, or I can NOT live without, I was going carnival freak on the TV.... Really? Do we all have to have a Wii?????? Or the new car,appliance,etc to be right with the world????
I do not have the following items in my house,and I consider myself ok...maybe you don't.

1.Cable....... 70.00 a month to watch HGTV basically wasn't cutting it.
2.Dishwasher.......... I have a kitchen sink and a window above it looking out in the yard , nuff said.
3.Latest updated kitchen and/or bathrooms..... It's a freakin 1925 house,I like it that way. I did put in central heat/ac when I bought it,and redid the original bathroom, or it would be in the crawlspace by now,since it hadn't been worked on since the 40's.And I saved the claw tub. I like it.
4.Garage.... I have a cool carport,circa the 50's. I like it.
5.Finished walls/ceilings in my room and hall.... I'm working on it, the ceiling tiles kill me. 311 of em in the living room alone. I did get the catwalk up. They like it.

What I do have in and around my old quirky house,and I love it all.

1.High ceilings... I love them,the old houses are so cool.
2. Lots of rooms added on in the back.... it is just cool to me.
3.Wood floors... the original ones,needing refinished too. I like em.I would love them refinished.
4.Plenty of windows,27 total..... yeah ,they are the original ones too, those need updating,but I love the old sash windows.
5. Big Old Trees..... nuff said.
6. Corner of kitchen and laundry room outside,my pond that I put in ,myself.

I guess this is my way of counting my blessings,and being thankful for all that I have....
My most important blessing of all, my daughter Elisabeth.
My furbabies are up there too..... what would I do with out them?
Have you counted your blessings lately?


Amber Star said...

OMG...you posted! YAY! I enjoyed it a lot. I've been thinking a "cottage" type house would be neat. I don't want to live in the country anymore...I just can't deal with living in the weeds and wondering what might be out there.

Becki said...

I love living out in the wild, I can tolerate critters better than I can people.
They leave you alone if you do the same,mostly. haha