29 January, 2011

I saw this on a blog and thought, what a great idea.LOL
Sometimes the most basic thoughts are the best.....and by the way,I can use the hint myself... a few,(15) lbs over the holidays have kept me out of my favorite jeans, so it's back to salads and Subway... I love Subway sandwiches, they are the best fast food ever. And healthy as far as fast food goes,so I don't feel guilty eating there, just spending the money eating out. Work has slowed down some, not to the point of pawning anything yet. So winter is almost gone here,and I have made it another one on my own,with my house. And neither of us have fallen apart. So far.



Amber Star said...

Good Lord...you actually posted! Yay!

Amber Star said...

do you not ever approve of my comments? :)