01 May, 2011

It is finally raining! And of course Sallie had to tear a screen out,and then Baxter had to leave through it,but he came back yowling because he evidently doesn't like wet paws,so haha to him I say. The bugger spent one night out,and I spent it going back and forth from the bed to the back door calling him all. night. long.
So, I don't have to lose sleep this time, nor do I have to water anything.. woohoo. Allergies maybe better too, because they have been so bad,I now have a lung infection from the sinus infection.. Doc gave me a shot and antibiotics... I am feeling a bit better now.If I could quit the coughing,I'd be happier.
On to another topic, I am going to go to Seattle in June! Only for 3 days to see my daughter,but I am so excited since it's been almost 3 years since we have seen each other.... much too long for a hug. And since I am only going for 2 nights, I can take a carry on,and not pay the extortion the airlines are calling for on the first suitcase.I will travel so damn light,it will be amazing. I refuse to pay the charges they say is necessary ,it is bullshabonga I tell ya.
She has already promised me a ferry ride, that is my favorite thing to do there, I love Seattle,and wish I could relocate there,but with the house,and all the animals,I'd have to win the lotto to do so... so it is a trip for now. Plus I need to get away for a couple of days, I am getting the traveling urge.

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Amber Star said...

I'm so happy you are going to see her!!! and so happy you are getting away for a bit...esp when it is going to be getting so durn hot here about that time!