17 May, 2011

I can't believe that the weather is staying so cool here lately, I am actually using a light quilt on the bed, so you know that means I am cold at night. It's nice ,compared to the 100 degrees we will soon enough have, so I am not complaining, just awestruck. It is making the tomatoes slower to grow,I have them in the hanging things,and for the first year they are working. Green beans are growing too,as with my little strawberries, my favorite fruit. I want to grow watermelons,but no clue on them,yet.
This is my favorite time of year, things growing ,not too hot,and I just feel happy to be here.
Now if I could win the lotto, it would be nice.

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I'd be darling at it.
Dorothy Parker

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Amber Star said...

wish we had that cool weather now! Sheesh...last week's 103 or higher temps were breathtaking..and not in a good way.