15 June, 2008

So I went to Winstar today with some friends,had a good time,but I kept thinking how the money could be spent on more plants,it's a sickness. I still have lots of plants coming in from various coops I am in,so maybe it was just as well,less to plant and water.

Winstar is another world,lots of zombies plugging away at the machines,though there was a nice older lady that won 12,500.00 across the aisle from us,she was so cute,said she didn't even smoke,and she was wanting a cigarette.That's what I'd want. No,wait, I'd need the defibrillator. I can't imagine winning that much.

Has anyone noticed how Tommy Lee Jones' face seems to be melting? Saw him on a Barnett Shale commercial,he's for it of course,and while I like my men rugged,that's a stretch for me.What happened?He quit the collagen? The sun got to him? He has always been one of my favorites,but now,the thought(or fantasy )of waking up next to him is not what it used to be.But then,I'm one to talk.

The squirrels are taking a break,they were out in force yesterday ,while I was working in the yard,I think it's too hot for them too,haven't seen them this afternoon.... maybe break was what we all needed here.

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AmberStar said...

was this pond picture here on the post when you talked about Winstar? It is soo lovely and cool looking.