21 September, 2011

Fall is coming!

We made it through the summer,well, some of my plants did, and I suppose I can say at least I don't have to worry about the greenhouse being overcrowded this winter.And it saved on my water bill....... I don't care,I wanted those damn things to grow.
Now fall is on it way,and the days are getting cooler,my bff from Alaska was here for 2 days,she was down working the Bastrop fires,and got to come over before she went back. I hadn't seen her since I left Alaska, and missed her face ,it was great,went to get pedis,went to the Stockyards,and ate a lot.We had a blast ,as we always do,we worked together at the VFW in Fairbanks, we just needed our other friend to make it complete..... good times. God, I miss Alaska, and hope to get to go back when and if I ever retire. The people there are the best,and I love the land.You haven't lived till you have sat up in the mountains,and watched the world,makes you realize there is something better and bigger up there...I mean God for all you that don't get it. Or Allah,or Buddha or whatever you call him.I think we all have to have something to believe in,something or someone to talk to... I do.
Then there are times, I do believe God should blow the world up ,the way we treat it.And each other.I wouldn't blame him if he did. I'm just sayin.

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Linda said...

Was that who you went with this past weekend? I thought it was someone from here who was having a birthday and you all went out. Glad you got to see her/him and had such a fun time! Gah, she/he came all the way from Alaska to work the fire in Bastrop??